My vacation destination

As I promised – today I’m going to tell you about my summer trips. This topic is on my mind at the top level and I’m thinking about it every single day. I’m excited and scared at the same time and I’m about to tell you why.

Moment of truth

When you’re in a modeling agency as soon as you have more that 2 months of free time they want to send you somewhere. It’s not only a huge opportunity for you, but also a chance for your agency to make some more money. Foreign contracts are way more profitable than staying in the country – at least in Poland.

And that’s why my agency decided to look for some abroad places where I could go during the summer. Of course I also wanted to leave Poland. One of my favourite things to do is to travel and I always like to take the opportunity. And as you know I love my job too so there was no hesitation on my side.

Finally after some time of searching – I got the answer and here are my two final destinations:

1. Milan

From the begging of June I’m going to stay in the capital of italian fashion. I was in Milan before for one day during a school trip and I need to say – I loved it. The architecture and italian food are not able to describe. And that’s why I’m so excited for this trip.

My agency there is going to be Indastria Models – they are kind of young agency, but they have a very good opinion in the fashion world.

Because of my departure at the begging of June – I need to finish my school year earlier than all of my classmates. In the last week of June I will have my rating done and I will be able to leave.

And after one month in Milan I’m going to have a long flight to my second destination, which is:

2. Shanghai

Yes! Yes, you read it correctly – Shanghai. I still kind of can’t believe it, but that’s true. From July to the first week of September I’m going to live in China in an apartment rented by my agency.

China was my dream destination from when I started my modeling career and finally I’m able to go there. I can’t wait to go around the city and to see all of the chinese culture and sights. They even opened Disney World there and I’m sure I will go there on a free day! And of course I’m excited for working everyday, because I want to finally feel like a model and not only someone who does modeling in their spare time.

Agency in China that’s going to take care of me is Elite Models Shanghai – it’s not connected with these huge “Elite” agencies, but it’s still a very good agency and I’m grateful that I will work for them.

Summing it up – I can’t wait for the summer. I still have one month to go and I need to finish everything connected with school. I hope everything is going to work perfectly fine and I will be able to leave and gain experience for next years.

Thank you guys so much for reading and liking my posts. Tomorrow I’m going to try some sugar-free Pinterest recipes and I will obviously blog it for you guys!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram @kvwlc – I’m going to post all the baking on my Instastory for you!

Love you, bye!

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