Trying Pinterest sugar-free recipes

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing great, because I am! My day was amazing I had some time for myself and also spent some time outside, which doesn’t happen often because of the bad weather. Poland has its bad days lately – it’s raining or even snowing everyday.

Today I come to you with two Pinterest recipes for sugar-free snacks that I decided to try out. It was a lot of fun to make these, because I like cooking and love to try new things. I also would like to tell you about a plener party that I was on today, but we will get to it later. Now – here are my two recipes that I tried today:

1. Zucchini brownies

Few days ago I bought a zucchini with a plan to make some zucchini cheesy bites from this recipe. But I couldn’t find any dairy-free cheese in my store (they are very rare in Poland) so I was left with a zucchini and without a thing to do. Then I found this recipe and I knew that was the one.

So this morning I took out of the closet my old big food processor, went to the shop to buy some almonds and specially for these brownies made my own almond butter. As you may not know buying almond butter in Poland in a normal store, not online is like a miracle. You can’t get it anywhere. Only online shops offer a good and not overpriced butter like this. But I had no time to wait. So I made my own following this recipe.

After making the almond butter I combined all of the ingredients (in place of 1/2 cup almond butter I added 1/4 cup of almond and 1/4 cup of peanut butter for more flavour), mixed in the rest and put it in the oven for around 35 minutes.

The smell was amazing and when I took out the cake my whole apartment was filled with it. I left it for half an hour to cool off and in the meantime did my second recipe. When I finally sliced up the brownie I was thrilled. The consistency was perfect, still little bit mushy but soft and tender. I tried it and fell in love. Till now I ate 3 pieces and I don’t feel any guilt. They have only 1/4 cup honey and I didn’t even put the whole cup!


Rating: 10/10 – I recommend everyone to try out this recipe.

2. Sweet potato fries.

Can you believe that was the first time I tried sweet potato? Legit never ate it before. And what a pity! I loved the taste of baked sweet potato and I know I will make these fries more often.

They came out very crunchy and spicy, because I added a little bit more chilli than in the recipe. Some of them burned a little, because I cut them too thick, but that’s nothing. I still loved the taste of the other ones and I’m actually very proud of myself. My mom liked them so much that she ate them all even not allowing me to take a picture! 😀

Rating: 10/10 – totally recommend to try.

+ Flag Day run

Today Poland celebrate Flag Day and because of that in Katowice – near my city – was organised a run for 5 kilometers. I couldn’t take part in it, because I haven’t run during whole winter and I would fail miserably. But my dad and uncle decided to go for it – as you may know my dad is a runner, he even ran half marathon and I’m really proud of him.

The whole run was very well organised – runners could pick white or red t-shirts and before they ran, they were set up in a huge white-red polish flag. It looked amazing and it was perfectly showing how proud of Poland are people.

Here you can enjoy some photos taken by me and also one of me and my dad – my hero.

Thank you guys so much for staying with me, make sure to check out those recipes and maybe you will like them too!

Make sure to also check out my Instagram @kvwlc!

Love you guys, bye!

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